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A blonde on vacation in Australia wanted to buy a pair of crocodile shoes in a market but was snapped when the shoemaker did not agree with her attempt to bargain down the price.
"All right. I'm going to get my crocodile shoe on my own, "she says, leaving the farm.
In the afternoon when the shoemaker was on his way home from the market, he noticed the same blonde standing in the ant with life with a rifle in his hand. The seller throws himself out of the car and runs towards the blonde as he sees her lifting rifle and shooting. Before he reaches the blonde he sees her pulling a dead crocodile on land, where he also sees two other dead crocodiles. Just as he reaches her and asks her what she is doing, the blonde rolls the crocodile over her back and exclaims:
"Aww snap! This one is also barefoot! "

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