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A young man had been with her girl friend for 2 years and they had decided to marry. He was really in love with her. But she had a little sister of 20 who often stood in challenging poses, just in front of him, and it drove him to madness. One day she asked to see the wedding invitations. When he left, she was alone. She whispered in his ear that he would soon get married, but she had feelings for him and would like to have sex with him only once before marrying her sister.
The shocked man did not find words. She said she was on his way up to bed and asked if he would join. He looked at her going up the stairs, stopping and throwing his pants on him. The man ran to the door, opened it and went out to the car. There his future father-in-law stood with tears in his eyes and said, "Thank you! You passed this little test. Now I know that my eldest daughter could not find a better man. Welcome to the family! "
Summary of the story: always keep the condoms in the car.

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