police academy

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police academy

She went to the police station together with her brother, a police officer, for enrolling at the police academy.
- She goes to the inspector, who asks this question to check her general education:
- What is an algorithm?
Blonde answers ready:
- The alga that caught the rhythm.
The answer is somewhat confused by the inspectors, who finally got together and asked:
- Who was Gabriel Princip?
The blonde imagined, and he asks:
"Was not that the man who killed the last Chinese king John F. Kennedy?"
The inspector sigh deeply and still decides to ask the last question:
- Tell me, who killed Jesus Christ?
The blonde is thinking and thinking, and the answer is cracked:
- I do not know.
"Okay," said the inspector, then go and tell me when you find the answer.
The happy blonde comes out of the office, and her brother asks:
- How was it?
- Great, the boss has already given me the first murder case!

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