The boss

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The boss

A sign was in the window of an office building. It said:
"Help Search.
Must write at least 70 words per minute.
Must be computerized.
Must be bilingual.
Here we do not discriminate against anyone! "
A dog was heading down the street and then signposted. He studied it a little, went down with his mouth and went to the manager's office to show he would seek the job.
The boss laughed and said, "I can not hire a dog." The dog pointed to the sentence "Here we do not discriminate against anyone!". The boss said, "Okay, take this letter and write it on data." The dog strolled to Pcen and returned a minute later with the completed letter. "Javel," said the boss. "Write a computer program and run it." A block later, the dog returned with an excellent solution.
But the boss was not completely convinced. "I still can not hire you. You must be bilingual too. "
The dog looked up at the manager and replied:

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