20 hours to live

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20 hours to live

Ralf comes back from the doctor's appointment and tells his wife that he has only 20 hours to live. With this bad look in his head, he asks his wife to sleep with him. Of course, she immediately agrees and they love each other.
Six hours later, the man goes back to his wife and says, "Darling, it's only 13 hours now ... could not we do it again?" - "Of course," says the woman and they sleep together again.
At bedtime, the man looks at the clock, realizes that he has only 8 more hours to live and again he asks. Again, the woman agrees and they have sex a third time together.
A little tired, the woman turns around and falls asleep very fast. But Ralf can not sleep - for hours he turns back and forth and can not think of anything other than his imminent death - and sex. When he only has 4 hours left, he shakes his wife and wakes her up: "Darling - I only have 4 more hours to live - could not we have another last time?"
Energetically, the woman sits up and says very decidedly: "Listen, my dear, I have to get up in the morning - you do not!"

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