A golfer

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A golfer

A golfer wakes up in the hospital from a coma . At the bed is a doctor and says good that you are better. But I just have to ask her something: "Heavy fractures, thick violets, bruises all over your body, a splenic rupture, have you gotten into a tough bar fight?"
The man shakes his head. No, that probably happened while playing golf with my wife . We were just at a difficult hole and both hit our balls on an adjacent cow pasture. So we're looking for our balls, and there I see something white in the back of a cow . So I go, raise the tail of the cow and see in the ass of the animal a small golf ball with the monogram of my wife. So I turn around to my wife, still holding up the cow's tail and shouting:
"Hey, he looks like yours!" I do not remember what happened then. "

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