A priest and a nun

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A priest and a nun

A priest and a nun are on a journey in the Alps . On their journey, they are surprised by a big snowstorm. Fortunately, you can fight your way through to a hut. Once there, they prepare for the night. There is even a whole closet full of blankets and a sleeping bag, but only one bed. As a gentleman, of course, the priest knows what is going on and says to the nun: "Sister, sleep in bed, I'll take the sleeping bag."
The priest has just closed the zipper on the sleeping bag and closed his eyes when he heard a sound from the bed: "Father, I'm cold." The priest frees himself from the sleeping bag, grabs another blanket and spreads it over the nun. Then he mumbles into the sleeping bag for the second time and begins to slip back into the realm of dreams.
Once again we hear: "Father, I'm still cold." The same procedure: The priest crawls out of the sleeping bag, spreads another blanket over the nun and goes back to sleep.
He has just closed his eyes, she says again: "Father, I'm sooooooooo cold ...!" This time the clergyman stays where he is and answers, "Sister, I have an idea, we are cut off from the outside world, and no soul will ever know what happened here tonight!" He grins mischievously and adds: "We could just pretend we were married ..."
The nun secretly hopefully waited for it and breathed, "Oh yeah ... that would be nice."
Then the priest roars: "Then get up and get your fucking blanket yourself!"

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