Bill Clinton and the Pope

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Bill Clinton and the Pope

Bill Clinton and the Pope are called to heaven on the same day. When they arrive there, Peter informs them that every newcomer is allowed to design their accommodation for eternity according to their own wishes. He just had to come to the office, express his wishes and do the rest on his own.

Bill Clinton is the first in the office, after 5 minutes he comes out again and the Pope goes in. He also comes out after 5 minutes. In the hall, the two talk for a while until Peter comes back to them and gives them the keys including room number to their apartments.

Unfortunately, he makes a mistake, in a hurry he swaps the keys and lets Bill Clinton and the Pope leave.
When Bill Clinton opens the door to his apartment, he enters a bright room with a high ceiling, marble pillars, and holy images of saints. Heavenly silence fills the room. Of course Bill immediately realizes what has happened:
"Oh my God , the Pope!"
This opens the other apartment at the same time. Immediately loud loud party music hits him, the air is gone, young women lolling on poles, on beds and in the whirlpool. Even the alcohol flows more than plenty.
However, since it is already late, both spend the night where they are.

The next day, Bill Clinton and the pope meet again by chance. Bill is anxious to clear up the misunderstanding: "I'm so sorry for your holiness, I think we mistook our keys when we talked yesterday, it's best to exchange our keys right back and everyone gets what they really are wanted, after all, we have to live there forever. "
Then the Pope: "Sorry, do we know each other?"

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