brain transplant

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brain transplant

In the hospital, relatives of a seriously ill family member were gathered in the living room. The doctor came in and looked tired and gloomy: "I'm afraid I have bad news," he said, looking at the anxious faces. "The only hope back for the patient at this time is a brain transplant. This is a difficult and risky process, and you have to pay for the brain yourself. "The relatives sat still and thought about the matter. After a long time there was one who asked:
"OK, how much does a brain cost?" The doctor responded quickly:
"30,000 $. for a man's brain and 1,200 $. for a woman's brain. "The atmosphere was a bit embarrassing. The men in the room tried not to smile, avoiding eye contact with the women, but sat with a happy face in the face. A man was unable to control his curiosity and asked if anyone wanted to ask about:
"Why does a man's brain cost so much more ..?" The doctor smiled by the simple man and said,
"30,000 $. is a standard price. We have to put down the price of female brains when they have been in use. "

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