called the police

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called the police

I have very light sleep, and one night I noticed that someone was sneaking around in the backyard. I got up in silence and followed the light noises that came from outside, until I saw a silhouette passing through the bathroom window. As my house was very safe, with grilles on the windows and internal locks on the doors, I was not too worried. But it was clear that I was not going to leave a thief there, peering quietly. I called the police quietly, informed them of the situation and my address. They asked me if the thief was armed or if he was already inside the house. I clarified that I did not know and they told me that there was no vehicle nearby to help, but that they would send someone as soon as possible. Five minutes later I called again and said in a calm voice,

- Hi, I called just because there was someone in my yard, I'm just returning to cancel the car, I've solved the problem. I already killed the thief with a shot of the caliber 12 shotgun, which I have kept at home for these situations, the shot did a damn damage in the face, I also threw a grenade in the yard, to make sure there was no one else, the explosion started the legs and an arm of the thief and he is dying in the yard now. I just wanted to thank for the attention.
Less than three minutes later, five police cars, a helicopter, a rescue unit and a TV crew were on the street.
When they arrived, they arrested the thief in the act of robbing my car in the garage, and everyone was surprised they had not found a scene of tragedy.

A lieutenant approached me and said,
"I was informed that I had killed the thief.
I answered:
- I was informed that there was no car available ...

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