Charlie and his friend

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Charlie and his friend

Charlie and his friend walk through their hometown. At every corner Charlie is greeted by all sorts of people. Does his friend mean: "Man, everybody knows you here." "Yes," says Charlie, "But that's not just here."
The next day, Charlie and his friend go through London and again on every corner: "Hello Charlie ... oh Charlie, how are you?" etc. The friend of Charlie again: "It's amazing, even here almost everyone knows you!"
A week later, Charlie and his friend are on vacation in Rome and come to St. Peter's Square, where the Pope wants to hold a Mass. The pope waves to Charlie and Charlie says to his friend: "I'll go up there quickly to the balcony , greet the pope, that's what I know." When Charlie stands up with the Pope, two tourists stand next to his friend and ask, "Do you know who this is?"
"Who do you mean," asks the friend of Charlie.
"Well, he's up there on the balcony, next to Charlie!"

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