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A police officer was asking three blonds under training as a detective.
To test the ability to distinguish suspects, the policeman to the first blonde, I showed the picture for 5 seconds and then hid it.
"This is your suspect, say the feature"
The first blonde replied.
"It's simple - you can catch it immediately, because he has only one eye."
The policeman said.
"That's ... That means ... because the pictures are taken of profile."
The policeman was a bit irritated in the answer that did not predict, I listened to the second blonde after I showed the picture again for 5 seconds.
"This is your suspect.What characteristics were there?"
The second blonde smiled and said, holding the hair down.
"Well! You can easily figure out the suspect, because there is only one ear."
The policeman got angry.
"What the hell were you two people guys! Looking at the picture, of course,
It is commonplace that there is only one eyes and ears! Can you say such a thing only? "
The policeman's annoyance was getting bigger by this time, He listened to the third blonde with an angry voice.
"Now, this is the suspect, can you say his character?"
Then I added it just in case.
"Before you make a foolish reply, think carefully."
The third blonde answered the picture, gazing at it.
"Er ... ..., suspects are contact lenses."
The policeman was surprised and he could not speak.
Because the policeman himself did not know whether the suspect is contact lenses or not.
"Okay, it's an interesting answer, until I checked this suspect's file, Wait here for a while, I will return soon. "
If so, the policeman left the room and went to his room and checked the suspect's file with a computer.
And the policeman came back with a smile on her.
"I am incredible, I can not believe it, it was true!
The suspect surely has a contact lens on. I understood well! How did you learn such a keen observation power? "
Blond answered.
"Easy! Things that ordinary glasses can not be put on. Because, there is only one eyes and one ears. "

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