driving license

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driving license

I was stopped by the police, in control, and one officer, I meant to be full, so I had to answer some questions that would determine whether I was affected or sober.
The policeman: - If you drive on a road and meet two lights, what is it?
- A car, I answered.
- OK. But is it a Volvo, Audi, or Merscedes? "Chuck," I replied.
"You're drunk," he replied. I shook my head easily, and then a little bit out of the way ..
"But if you meet ONE light then, he asked.
"Probably a motorcycle," I replied.
- OK. But is it a Honda, BMW, or a Suzuki?
"Chuck," I replied.
"You're drunk," he said again.
Now I got a little pissed off, and asked this pitiful snowman, a question:
- If you see a woman, on a corner, with net socks, thigh cards, high-heeled shoes, and a lot of makeup, what can it be?
"Haaa," said the police officer, of course it is a prostitute!
- Right, I replied. But is it your wife, daughter or mother?
Then smoke the driving license ...

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