first day of school

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first day of school

The teacher in Gelsenkirchen wants to make herself popular in him new class and tells on the first day of school that she is a Schalke fan . When he asks who is also a Schalke fan, all the students get in touch. Only a little girl does not answer.
"Why do not you call me?" asks the teacher.
"Because I'm not a Schalke fan." says the little one.
"So, and to which club do you stop then?"
"I'm a BVB fan - and I'm proud of it!" the girl answers.
" BVB For God's sake, why Borussia Dortmund?" the teacher wants to know.
"My dad comes from there and my mum too, and they are both BVB fans, so I'm also a BVB fan!"
"But my child," the teacher tries to explain, "you do not have to copy everything to your parents, imagine your mother is a prostitute and your father is a drug dealer or a car cracker ... then what?"
"Yes, then I would be well Schalke fan ..."

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