For women only

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For women only

A group of girlfriends are on holiday as they see a 5 storey high hotel with a sign saying "For women only".
As they do not bring their respective boyfriends, they decide to enter. The hotel porter, a really attractive man, explains how it takes place:
"We have 5 floors. Take the elevator one floor at a time, and when you find what you're looking for, you'll be there. It's easy to decide, because each floor has a sign that tells what's hidden. "
They enter the elevator, and when they reach the first floor, the sign says: "All men on this floor are small and ugly!" The friends laugh at the nose and immediately take the elevator to the next floor.
The sign says: "All the men here are small and handsome!" It's still not good enough, and the friends continue onwards. They reach the third floor, and on the sign it says: "All the men here are tall and ugly!"
Since they want something better and know that there are still two floors left, they continue. On the fourth floor the sign is perfect: "All the men in this floor are tall and handsome!"
The women are left alive and are just about to go in, as they will think of it yet another floor again. In order not to miss something, they hurry up on the fifth floor.
There they find a sign where it says: "There are no men here. This floor was built only to prove that women are completely impossible to satisfy ... "

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