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Do you know how Bohemian rides on a holiday to the sea and calmly fish when suddenly he catches a goldfish suddenly? Well, then the fish pulls out and she says:
"Look, when you let me go, I'll make you two wishes, I'm a goldfish."
And so he did, but how about it, only two, when every wish and every good joke with a goldfish always meets the wish of three.
Well, and the fish tells him that the times are changing, there's no money and that, but he's just excusing what's going on.

Eventually they will agree on the two wishes, and the fish says,
"So, wish your first wish."
And Bohemian gazes into the setting sun above the sea and says:
"So I wish the sea was full of beer."
"Stop," said the fish, and it happened.
"And another wish?" ask the fish.
The Czechs think again and say,
"Three more bottles for the morning!"

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