a mouse

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a mouse

A young couple about thirty had put the children in a hurry, and were practicing the way of nature, when the woman was well aware, she said, baby, take the condom. The condoms were stored in a drawer at the end of the bed. The man sat there and was setting up the gadgets when their 7 year old son enters the room with a new dreams of evil dreams. The woman was quick to think and tore the blanket up to the chin and thought to be asleep, the man was in bad cases flagged in a full pole, but slammed four feet on the floor to hide the glory.
The boy asked his dad amazed "what are you doing daddy".
Then a call was quick thinking and said "I thought I had seen a mouse, and it seemed to run under the bed."
Children are not as mad as adults either.
The boy asked, "Dad, if you reach her, are you going to ride her !!!!

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