in the nightclub

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in the nightclub

The teacher asks in the classroom to her pupils:
"John, what is your father's profession?"
- Doctor, teacher.
"And your father's, Aninha?"
- Engineer.
"And yours?"
- He is a lawyer.
"And your father, Carlinhos, what do you do?"
- He ... he's a dancer in a gay nightclub!
- As well? the teacher asks incredulously.
"Fessora, he dances in the nightclub, with a very small tanguinha and mask on his face. The men there pass the hand and put money in the elastic of the tanguinha.
The teacher, not believing what she heard, sends all the children to play, except for Carlinhos.
She walks over to the boy and asks again,
"Boy, does your father really do this?"
"No, fessora! I lied to you. Now that the room is empty, I can tell you the truth! My father is a deputy ... and I'm ashamed to say that in front of the others ...

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