medical university

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medical university

In a class in a medical university, The professor was lecturing on the theme of "careful observation".
The professor showed the students the yellow liquid that entered the beaker.
"You guys, here is urine. To become a good doctor, the shape, color, smell, You have to be careful with taste etc. "
That said, the professor sees the beaker's urine at various angles, I smelled a smell, soaked my finger in a beaker, I put my fingers in my mouth.
"Hm, I feel like diabetes ..."
The professor said, looking over the lazy students.
"From now on, I will pass the beaker to everyone. Please observe carefully just like me. "
Thus students in the class, I immersed my finger in the reluctant beaker and licked it.
After the last one, Beaker returned to the professor. The professor concluded the end of the lecture.
"Today, we attended a careful observation, that is, on the theme of observation power, Unfortunately everyone was not able to do it ....
If I was observing my fingers more carefully. "
The professor smiled with grin.
"The finger in the beaker is the index finger, You probably noticed that you put your mouth in the middle finger. "

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