patrolling on the highway

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patrolling on the highway

A man was stopped by a policeman patrolling on the highway.
"Speed ​​is overdoing, 70 miles per hour has come out"
"70 mile? Such an idiot, I only got about 60 miles."
Then the man's wife pinched his mouth from the passenger's seat.
"You have absolutely 80 miles out,"
The guy kept talking and looking at his wife, the policeman continued the words.
"In addition, the tail lamp has run out, this is also a breach."
"Tail lamp? I bet you were running out while running.
I did not know at all. "
Then the man's wife pinched her mouth again from the passenger's seat.
"Because you are out of tail lamps, exchange them,
I have been asking for it for another month. "
When a man was watching the wife lamentfully, the policeman continued the words.
"And you are not doing a seatbelt, are not you?"
"I removed the seat belt when I parked the car."
Then the talkative wife caught her mouth.
"You have never made a seat belt,"
The man passed beyond his patience and told his wife.
"Hey! You stole me talking about extra things from a little while ago!
If you do not do it badly you will knock off the car! This pig woman! "
The policeman looked at the sword curtain too much and asked his wife.
"Does your husband always make such a violent wording?"
The talkative wife answered with a confused face.
"I am outrageous! I am usually a nice husband. It is only when you drink too much to vomit such an abusive! "

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