prayer to God

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prayer to God

A lost man makes his prayer to God:
- My God, I'm going to work every day, for 8 hours, and I do not count the 3 hours that I spend more on the bus ... All while my wife stays at home! I would like her to know how to make money is painful. Could you exchange our bodies, so that she will be aware of my ordeal?

God, in his infinite goodness, granted his wish. The next morning the man woke up changed into a woman.
So, her day began: she ...

  • 1. Fit cook lunch for the family
  • 2. woke up the children
  • 3. prepared their clothes for school
  • 4. Fit to eat
  • 5. Fills their lunch boxes
  • 6. took them to school
  • 7. Re-energize laundry when coming home
  • 8. Stopped at the bank
  • 9. went to the supermarket for some shopping
  • 10. Come home to unpack and store the races
  • 11. Take the mail in the mailbox and pay the bills
  • 12. Washed the cat's litter and washed the dog
  • 13. Eat alone in 10 minutes
  • 14. Rushed to make the beds
  • 15. Fit the laundry
  • 16. Vacuumed, dusted, swept and washed the floor
  • 17. Rushed to school to bring back the children and had to scream in the car while coming back
  • 18. Gave them something to drink and nibble
  • 19. Made them do their homework
  • 20. Take out the ironing board and watch the TV while ironing
  • 21. Begin to peel potatoes and wash vegetables for salad
  • 22. Prepared meat and an apple pie for dessert
  • 23. Serve dinner, then she cleaned the table and the kitchen
  • 24. Fills the dishwasher
  • 25. Picked up each other's clothes and dragged them into the washing machine
  • 26. Bathed the children and put them to bed and ....
  • 27. At 9:00 pm, exhausted even though her chores of the day were not over, she went to bed where they expected her to make love ... What she did without complaining.
  • The next morning she got up and kneeled by the bed and prayed:
    - My God, I do not know what I was thinking ... I was wrong to envy my wife who was staying at home .. Please, let us each take back our bodies of origin .
    The good God in his infinite goodness answered him:
    - My son, I think you have assimilated the lesson and I will be happy to bring things as they were but, you will have to wait 9 months
    ... You got pregnant last night!

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