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A police car is routinely in front of a pub in the evening.
Suddenly, the door of the pub opens and an obviously drunk drowned stumbles into the parking lot. The police officer watches grinning as the man sways from car to car, trying to unlock the car every time. After five attempts, he has finally found his car, opens the driver's door and lay down first flat on the driver and passenger seats. In the meantime, some guests leave the bar, get in their cars and drive away.
The drunk gets up and turns on the windscreen wipers - although it is a nice dry summer evening - then he operates the turn signal, turns on the windscreen wiper, makes light and the radio on, the turn signal again and presses the horn. Finally he starts the engine and turns off the windscreen wiper again. He drives very slowly a half meter forward and then again half a meter backwards and then stands again for a few minutes as more guests leave the restaurant and drive away.
Finally he drives slowly on the street. The policeman who watched the spectacle patiently and amused drives after the man, turns on the blue light and stops the drunk, who immediately has to do an alcohol test. To the great surprise of the police, the test is negative, whereupon he asks the man to come to the police station, because something could be wrong with the breathalyzer.
"I doubt it," said the seemingly drunk, "because today I was off to play with decoy so that all the other drunk could drive away."

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