Strongest Man

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Strongest Man

In a small village there was only one pub and the landlord was by far the strongest man. He was so strong that so far no one had found himself who could have given him the water. That's why he put up a sign in his pub where everyone was offered a bonus of 1000 Dollars, which would be stronger than the innkeeper.
One day a slight man came to the bar. He read the sign and offered the landlord to measure his powers with him.
The landlord agreed and fetched a lemon , squeezing it until only a dry something remained behind, and addressed the guest: "If you manage to squeeze even a drop of juice from this lemon, you have the money ."
The guest took the lemon and squeezed it with no apparent effort, releasing several drops of juice. When he let her go, the lemon turned to dust.
"Donnerwetter!", Said the landlord and handed him the 1000 Dollars, "but say, are you a wrestler or weightlifter or something?"
"No, I work at the tax office !"

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