The blonde’s letter to her son

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The blonde’s letter to her son

I'm writing these few lines to you so you know I'm writing to you. If you have received this letter, it means you have received it. If not, please let me know and I'll send it again.
I'm writing slowly, because I know you can not read so fast.
Dad has read in the newspaper that most accidents happen a kilometer away from home, so we moved a little further afield. We live in a nice house. We have a washing machine, but I'm not sure it works. When I threw the laundry in it yesterday, I raised the string and the clothes disappeared somewhere. The weather could have been worse. Last week it counted only twice, the first time for three days and the second time in four. Regarding the jacket you wanted, Uncle Viggo said it would be too expensive to send it to you by mail because the buttons are too heavy. Therefore I have torn them off and put them in the jacket pocket.
Your sister Julie finally gave birth to a child, we do not know the gender yet, so I can not tell you if you have become uncle or aunt. If it turns out to be a girl, your sister will call her after me, but I think it will require a little hesitation to call her grandchild's "mother".
It's getting worse with your brother, Mikkel, he closed the car and forgot the keys inside. He had to go all the way home so he could pick up an extra set of keys to get us out of the car.
If you meet Charlotte, say goodbye to her from me - if not, do not say anything to her.
Your mother

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