The plane breaks down

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The plane breaks down

Pope, Beckham, Madonna, Bush and the schoolmate are on the plane. The plane breaks down and begins to give in. On the plane there are only 4 parachutes and 5 people.
Beckham first talks: "I'm such a famous footballer that I can not die," he takes the parachute and jumps.
Madonna's second one says: "I'm such a famous singer that I can not die," she takes a parachute and jumps.
Bush: "I am the president of the United States and people need me, so I can not die," he takes the parachute and jumps.
Only a schoolboy and a pope will remain on the plane.
The Pope said: "The child loves, I give you my parachute to save myself and live further. I'm very old and I'm not afraid to die. God is waiting for me."
Now the student says, "Do not worry, Pope, take Bush my school bag!"

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