the troops

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the troops

The officer waited for the troops until 11. The lieutenant took the men one by one into the conversation and asked for a reason.
- Lieutenant Lieutenant, the first man started.
- Because of the sudden strike, the last bus did not go, so I had to take a taxi. At halfway, however, the taxi went broke and I walked to the nearby farm and persuaded the host to sell me a horse. Fifteen miles from the barracks, however, the horse suddenly died, and so I had to come to the end of the trip. The explanation was so imaginative that the lieutenant released the man with a warning. But when all the men told the same story, the lieutenant started nervous. So he asked the last man:
- How are you late?
- Lord Lieutenant, man started. In the case of an emergency bus, I had to take a taxi ...
- That's enough! Lieutenant in your arms.
- Do not just say that the car broke down!
- No, the car did not break, man replied.
- But when there were so many dead horses on the road, the journey took much longer than usual.

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